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Factual stories abound of those exiled to Moloka’i.
But of those hidden from the authorities? Nothing.
  Their stories are sewn into the hem of history.

   Running from Moloka'i, set in Hawaii in 1884, is a story of this deeply personal pain as told by fifteen-year-old Mele Bennett. Mele's mixed-blood family is the sea divided on the issue of exile.  Her white father is Dr. Reed Bennett, adamant in his support for the law of exile.  Her mother, a full Hawaiian, is secretly walking her own path.  Mele feels adrift.  Keahi, the boy she loves, faces a dangerous and irreversible choice: to trust or not to trust.  If he chooses wrong, his life is pau--he will never see Mele again. 
                     Read an excerpt here.
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Award Winning for both YA and Adult
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