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        I have Mr. Johnson to thank for making me realize there is power in words.  In 6th grade, girls were not allowed to be on Safety Patrol.  I protested to our school principal (Mr. Johnson), asking him why that should be the case.  He challenged me:  write a one-page essay convincing him otherwise. (Ha, never let a good challenge go to waste.)  I would love to think he was impressed with my lexical mastery, but really, I think he was tired of being bugged.  My main line of intellectual reasoning went something like this:  "Because it's just not FAIR!"  He changed his policy and made me Lieutenant.  It was a delicious win.

        Social justice is still important to me, and is a central theme in Running from Moloka'i.

        I live on Puget Sound in Washington state,  My interests include designing and installing ponds and waterfalls, doing computer art, and playing pickleball.

        If you are a young writer, I mean to encourage you.  Take classes, join critique groups, attend film school if you can.  And above all, develop steel toes.  They come in handy.....


               Previous publications:  educational curriculum, federal grant writing,  children's.

   Running from Moloka'i won awards for unpublished fiction, in both YA and adult categories

Stream in back yard.  Lots of work!


Do not do this unless you have a  sense of humor.


In the end, it's worth it.  

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