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     Sixteen-year-old Tyler Morrison wants nothing more than to be rid of his new step-mom.  He just wants his dad back, the way things used to be. 

     On a totally wrong spring vacation in Alaska, his dad goes missing in an unexpected storm.  Tyler is bitterly stranded in a remote cabin with Katherine.  In a series of bad choices, Tyler and Katherine are forced out into the deadly blizzard.  Nobody knows they are stranded.  They have almost nothing:  snowshoes, a piece of jerky, a flashlight ... and a baby anxious to be born.  They are miles from safety.    They race against time, fast-coming darkness, and dropping temperatures. Who will live ... and who will die?  The new step-mom he despises? The little brother he has secretly longed for?  Is his dad already dead?  Storms play no favorites.  Tyler is exhausted, Katherine can hardly walk.  Unborn Jeremiah, too, is struggling. 

     Alaska isn't all that interested in doing triage It's just busy being a place in which there is no such thing as a small mistake.  A place where dreams and lies and guilt will all be turned inside out--laid bare.  Don't bring your delusions to Alaska.  On a bad day, it will turn you inside out and reveal the landscape of a fragile heart. 

      Saving Jeremiah
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